Anti-SJ = Pro-Bigotry

omg they’re still going what the fuck

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Whale privilege is that people will donate to “save” whales all the time but if I want a new gameboy people tell me to “get a job.” 

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It’s also easy to say you’re tired of it if you’re a mixed race lesbian and you know… You’re just tired of it? Battering rams are not common weapons for a reason, and I’ve been more “oppressed” by those people claiming to be fighting for my rights than I ever have by society. Society has never told me outright to go kill myself for an opposing viewpoint that society actually affords me the right to have. Society has never told me that I am internalizing my racism for disagreeing with a black woman’s opinion. Society has never told me that I am internalizing my misogyny for believing that the concept that “hitting a woman is never okay no matter what” is sexist. Society and I have never seen eye to eye, but if the alternative is these so-called equal rights movements that go out of their way to tell me that not only am I inferior and idiotic - which I damn well know I’m not - but that I’m a second class citizen to them because I’m part white and mostly white passing, and because I’m cisgender, and because I’m just so ~privileged~ by my birth and my perceived state of being… I’ll take society, every time, and be glad to hear the end of this particular equal rights movement.
my response to “it’s probably really easy to say you’re tired of hearing about LGBTQ rights, rights for PoC, or feminism when you’re not the one being affected by the outright oppression those groups face” on Facebook. (via thenyoullraisemelikeaphoenix)
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Men that fetishize women for their bodies aka their ethnicity, their skin color, hair color, eye color, body type, etc.

Let me burn your dick off for you and do WoC all over the world a favor. ◕‿◕✿


So bravery of this level could only come from a misandrist. And this always calls for the brave brown bear, or Bear of color if you will. BoC.

Also: replacing the acronym for ‘women of color’ with ewoks has been one of the best decisions of my life. 8D

You can’t prefer women of color or you’re fetishizing them, but if you prefer white women you’re probably a racist. However, if you have no racial preference, you’re participating in erasure. INTERNET LOGIC~

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for XTRA FUN, make it a drinking game instead

half of the things on here are literally just terms that people use when talking about their life experiences, but i’m pretty honored to think (maybe incorrectly?) that i’m the reason the “insulting url” square is there. but seriously? capitalizing race is a GRAMMATICAL RULE. “not my job to educate you” is a fact. “shut up” and typo-ing is something EVERYONE does. i could do nearly a square-by-square destruction of this entire thing.

also what the fuck is prejudiced against “the man”

Damn, so close.

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for XTRA FUN, make it a drinking game instead

Anonymous said: Poooo-keeeeee-moooon! Gotta catch 'em all! <3

Been there, done that, got the badges

Anonymous said: Have you noticed how sjws only talk about problems in the US or Europe? They want to destroy ethnocentrism and depise imperialism but they feed the imperialist monster by only speaking about it. And even when treating topics related to other cultures/parts of the world, they make it all about the US/Europe. Like, as a latina, my biggest concern isn't who wears some traditional piece of clothing. There are bigger concerns in latin america than that. Like drug-/people-trafficking networks.

i have noticed that, actually, and i wonder why that is

maybe it’s because most sjws are from america? lol ‘educated’ my behind. i’ve also noticed as soon as people who are well meaning yet deluded enough to try to engage these folk in reasonable discourse get shut down as soon as they try to bring this issue up, all with cries of ‘isms!’

idk it just seems to me like ~social justice~ is little more than people with some degree of power talking over the people they are “trying to help”

do sjws not realize how much they dehumanize people or do they just not care

being “loved” for a set of circumstances one has no control over is just as bad as being hated for them. at least when you’re dealing with people with legitimate isms, they aren’t hiding their bigotry and stereotyping behind the guise of being a good person, or expecting ass pats for making entire groups of people feel and look like “the other”

marginalized people want to be treated the same as everybody else, not lauded as infallible or enlightened. they want to be seen as people, not labels, what a thought